Another full-house at a SoT2011 bootcamp on Thursday, where Design students from all over Wellington packed out a lab at the Victoria School of Design to hear Emily Loughnan from Clicksuite share tips on what makes an applicant’ portfolio stand out from the rest.

We’ve had a few requests for notes from the presentation, but Emily says her slides are probably hopeless without explanation and the stories, sorry.

But she CAN share some links, here goes:

The Google job ad experiment – how a bit of clever thinking can get you a job:


Marc McHardy presenting his final year major project on “The Ad Show”

(which got him his job at Click Suite)
AND, here are some links to good on-line portfolios.

You can use a free website like

(Here’s one made using a bought template on cargo ) or Behance.

Others are:


Again, HUGE thanks to Emily Loughnan from Clicksuite for taking the time out of her busy life to share tips, tricks and experience with aspiring design students.

For candidates with few or no interviews scheduled, do not despair!!

Here’s some things that are really important to know:

  • The recruitment & matching process for Summer of Tech 2010 will continue right up until 22 September. That is the date that Companies and Candidates submit their Final Rankings via the website.  All candidates with completed profiles are in the running for internships, right up to the 22nd of September.
  • Some companies are not available to do interviews on the Speed Interview dates.  They will be contacting candidates directly to arrange an interview.
  • Some companies were only available for a short time on the Speed Interview dates.  They will be contacting additional candidates directly to arrange an interview.
  • We fully expect new companies & projects to come into the programme, some existing ones to drop out (though we very much hope not too much of that) and generally expect the process to be fluid until 22 September.  Candidates: PLEASE stay with us, keep your confidence up, and be ready for a random connection to a potential Intern employer!
  • Finally, please also remember to let us know immediately if you are no longer available for a Summer of Tech Internship.  It is very important that we know if you are NOT available for a full-time job through Summer of Tech from mid-November to mid-February.

Headsup for tech students – time is running out if you want to be in the running for a Summer of Tech internship for 2010/11.

We will be closing student registrations at 12noon on Tuesday 31 August.

If you’re only just getting round to signing up, you’ve got a LOT to catch up on.  Please go here to sign up, then spend some quality time completing your Summer of Tech online profile.  This is your marketing tool to get companies to notice you!

More information is available when your profile is complete.  We also highly recommend you read through historical blog posts which contain useful tips & information for candidates.  Here’s a link.

It’s not too late to score a cool job with one of our outstanding Tech host companies this summer!  The companies are waiting to meet you on the Summer of Tech website, so sign up & get profiled asap!

Note: this post was updated on 13 & 16 August

Great to catch up with so many cool companies at our Company Launch event on 12 July!  Company registrations are open for Summer of Tech 2010, and with less than 3 weeks till the “Meet & Greet” event, now would be a great time to sign up!! 


Download our 2010 Company Brochure here 

Here’s some more downloads designed to provide more information for companies considering hosting a Tech Intern this summer: 

1. SoT2010 Company Key Dates (updated 16 August)

2. Candidate Profile

3. SoT2010 TechNZ Expression of Interest Info  Updated 13 August, here

4. SoT2010 Student Bootcamps (updated 16 August) 

5. SoT2010 Skills Matrices (updated 16 August)

Here’s some more detail on what’s in each of these downloads:

1. Summer of Tech Company Timeline  

It’s winter, why on earth are we talking about summer students so early in the year?  Common question.  The primary reason is that the top students will get snapped up early, so employers who want “first pick” get in early.  Internships happen for 3 months from mid-Nov to mid-Feb.  But to maximise your benefits from the programme, you should get started in July 

Another reason is this nasty thing that happens at schools in October called end-of-year exams.  Students are somewhat distracted at the end of the academic year, so better for everyone if summer work is sorted by the end of September. 

TechNZ – companies that are applying for funding to support students working on R&D projects, you need to get your expression of interest in by mid-August, and final funding application in by early October. 

It takes time to filter through student profiles to find the right match for your company & project.  Summer of Tech makes it easy, by presenting the top candidates on our website, but companies still need to spend time browsing, filtering & short-listing, meeting candidates, interviewing and making final selections. 

Here’s the link again: SoT2010 Company Key Dates

2. What can interns do?
If you’re new to Summer of Tech (and hey, everything beyond “Code” is new for everyone this year!) you might be wondering what kinds of students are available for internships, and what kind of work they can do.  We don’t want to be prescriptive, and happy to discuss potential projects with you 1:1. 

Here’s an overview of our students, and some ideas for the kindss of internship projects that might be possible: Candidate Profile 

3. TechNZ application information
13/8: Check out the updated information: here 

Every year, TechNZ’s processes are refined.  In 2010, they’re launching a new online application process, which on the positive side, will save on manual processes & paperwork (yay!) but on the negative side, isn’t quite finalised yet (uh oh!).  Never fear, the trusty Grow Wellington team will keep us informed and up to date with information! 

Key things to know about TechNZ in 2010: 

  • it is competitive! you need to get a good application in EARLY
  • the funding process is separate to Summer of Tech.  You may not know if your funding is approved before you engage your intern.
  • this year TechNZ has stated a strong preference for funding companies that they already have an existing relationship.  If this is your first time applying to TechNZ, you’ll need to have a truly awesome business case (i.e. have huge growth potential, and solid commercial & technical advancements from your Interns project)
  • … AND that goes for everyone!  TechNZ funding decisions are based on an investment framework (i.e. they’re looking for commercialisation, high-growth, technically innovative products & services)
  • parameters are about the same as last year: once you’ve received the green light to apply, you can submit an application for $16+GST per hour up to 400 hours.  Standard deal is one intern per company, but larger companies and/or those with an existing relationship with TechNZ may apply for up to 3.
  • Funding again works as a reimbursement (if approved, you’ll need to cover wages all summer, then get reimbursed at the end)
  • Looks like approx. 180 185 Summer Interns will be funded by TechNZ throughout NZ this year
  • questions about TechNZ applications need to be directed to

Here’s our ”almost official” guide to applying for TechNZ funding for your Summer of Tech project: SoT2010 TechNZ Expression of Interest Info UPDATED TECHNZ INFO: here

4. Summer of Tech Bootcamps
Whilst you’re busy getting your project scoped, mentor lined up, and clearing a workspace for your Summer of Tech intern, we’re busy preparing the interns to meet you!  Summer of Code has developed a curriculum of “Bootcamps” design to upskill students in soft and technical skills. Summer of Tech continues the tradition, and 2010 has seen a much bigger (& earlier) emphasis on “soft” skills like communication, CV and portfolio preparation. 

Here’s an overview of our 2010 Bootcamp programme (and ideas for 2011 topics would be most welcomed!): SoT2010 Student Bootcamps

5. Summer of Tech Skills Matrices
When you’re writing up your interns’ project descriptions, you’ll need to select one of our 4 “Streams” (Code, Engineering, Design or Business Analysis).  To help you figure out which one is most relevant to you, here’s a full list of the skills we’ve assigned to each “Stream”: SoT2010 Skills Matrices
…if you haven’t already done so, please register on the Summer of Tech website!
…and if you’d like to have a chat about Summer of Tech in more detail, please contact the team via


the number of pizzas ordered from Hell (the one at the top-o-Cuba-Street, of course) today, to be delivered in batches to evening bootcamps happening over the next 6 weeks


the number of SoT students who have registered to attend week 1 of SoT Technical Bootcamps (that’s NEXT WEEK, folks!)


the number of candidate profiles complete and ready to be checked out by keen companies looking for top tech talent on the SoT website NOW!


the number of days students have left to sign up to participate in Summer of Tech, and be in with a chance to be chosen for an internship at one of Wellington’s top IT or Manufacturing companies


the number of spots available for the Code .NET bootcamp on Wednesday (students – be in quick, it WILL fill up!)


the number of minutes SoT students should wait before logging in to complete their online profiles :-)

Greetings potential employers!  The Summer of Tech 2010 candidates are waiting to meet you on the SoT website… Here’s a quick guide to how to create your Company Profile, and how to “browse” Candidates.

Next step – Sign Up!