Summer of Tech was proud to be part of the first ever “PIXELJAM” event in Wellington.  Over the weekend of 1-3 July, 15 aspiring game developers got together to design, build and be ready to demo a game.

Pixel Jam was a small collaborative competition for solo developers or small teams, including Designers, Artists, Coders.
48 hours is very little time to make a game.  The 9 teams did an awesome job!

The gathering was not for the faint of heart, or extreme novices.  We were stoked to see students, graduates and indie game devs taking part, AND great support from experienced developers who popped in to mentor & offer moral support over the weekend.

Here’s a choice quote from one of the students:

“I learned more in the last 48 hours than I have in the last 3 months of uni!!”

The grand finale involved pizza and beer, and participants demo-ed their creations in front of a panel of industry judges (Stu and Chris from Sidhe, and David from MajicJungle).

PixelJam was modelled on Game Jams that have been held around the world.  The mover & shaker and make-it-happen-guy behind the event was Keaton (SoC09 alumni), and support and sponsorship from Sidhe, Toi Poneke HUB and Studio was fantastic.

We’d love to see PixelJam become a regular feature in the buid-up to Summer of Tech.

Check out the photos here

Widely considered to be *the* web event of the year, Webstock brings international experts to Wellington and presents a fantastic opportunity for web professionals to connect with the latest thinking, techniques, trends and personalities in the global web industry.  Attendance at Webstock has been scientifically proven to be beneficial & kick-start many a web career by delivering inspiration, education and connections.

Our interns are seeking a career break. Can you help us to help them attend Webstock in 2011?

The awesome people at Webstock have are doing everything they can to enable Summer of Tech interns to attend in 2011.  We’re asking other fine members of the local business community to help us out too.

Summer of Tech is seeking financial support from the wider Wellington web industry on behalf of poor (hard-working & deserving) students.  We’re raising $ via a Givealittle cause (here’s a link), and will allocate the funds raised to the most deservingest interns at the end of January, to support the cost of attendance of the Conference and/or Workshops at Webstock in 2011.

Summer of Tech 2010 Friends & Sponsors:

Are you ready to invest in the future of Wellington’s web talent? Giving a little to this cause translates into giving a BIG career break to a deserving young person!  If you’re lucky enough to be going to Webstock yourself, if you’re unable to attend in person but want a motivated delegate to attend on your behalf, if you’ve had a great 2010 and are looking to give back to the community, if you’re looking to pay it forward or sprinkle some fairy-dust out there into the universe… We’d love to have you on board!

No amount is too small to make a difference! We reckon Webstock is great value, but even local world-class conferences are beyond the means of those at an early stage in their web career.

Please give a little to this GREAT cause: HERE

If you have questions or would like some more information about sponsoring, please contact us directly

Summer of Tech 2010 Interns

If you want financial assistance to go to Webstock, you will need to make a pitch as to why you deserve it, and email to Summer of Tech before 8pm on 21st January 2011.  Summer of Tech, in discussion with the Sponsors, will allocate the funds based on your pitches.

Some things to think about when preparing your pitch:

  • Your pitch is the opportunity to demonstrate why you deserve to go to Webstock in 2011
  • Why are YOU a good investment?
  • What will you get out of it?
  • What will your sponsors (& Wellington & the wider web industry) get out of it?
  • Be creative ;-)

Today was the day of the announcement of the winning entries to the Great NZ Mix & Mash Competition!  The organisers and supporters of the Mix & Mash initiative deserve a medal, it’s been a great way to get people to use, re-use and mash-up open data.  Congratulations to everyone who entered… and a HUGE Summer of Tech shout out to the winners of the “Best Newbie Mashup”, the Tax Receipt 2010 mashup, Amanda Dorrell and Nick Malcolm (interns at Southgate Labs)!

Also, special congratulations from us to the whole Southgate Labs team, winners of the Best Open Government Service Award for their MPs Playing Cards iPad app.

and to Cameron Prebble (Summer of Code Alumni, not to mention awesome volunteer filmer of Summer of Code & Tech bootcamps and seminars for many years) for his 2 awards:  “best use of Google cloud computing services” and ”Outstanding mashup” for the Mashblock.

Again, everyone who entered: You Rock!  We look forward to experiencing your mash-ups and look forward to more of the same!

Warning: this post contains sexual discrimination that may offend male readers.  Viewer discretion is advised…!

FREE tickets to the December Girl Geek Dinner!!

Girl Geek Dinner Logo

We’re proud to support the Wellington Girl Geek Dinners, informal get-togethers, including dinner, drinks, and talks on ‘geeky’ topics. It’s a welcoming atmosphere and a way in which to learn in an informal environment, to make technology accessible and to be of interest to all age groups and all people, particularly women. It is an opportunity for like-minded ‘girls’ to talk about technology over food and drinks.

It’s happening on 15th of December, and you can find all the details here.  (Some of you might have met the speaker, Bronwyn Holloway-Smith at the SoT launch party last night?  As well as being an award-winning artist blending opensource technology and 3D printing, she’s a key mover & shaker in Unlimited Potential, and co-founder of the Creative Freedom Foundation.) So if a free xmas dinner, high quality networking with women in technology and the glory of taking up a Summer of Tech complimentary ticket wasn’t enough to hook you in… go to listen to Bronwyn!!

If you want to claim one of the Summer of Tech FREE tickets, you need to email Ruth.  Quick.  Tickets will be allocated in an entirely biased way (sorry guys)… not just gender, we’ve also got a strong preference for giving 2010 Interns and Students the prizes!

(Mentors, colleagues, women of Wellington’s technology & creative communities – it’s 25 bucks, totally worth it! You can buy tickets here)

The Mix and Mash competition is open!
Summer of Tech is super excited that the Great NZ Remix & Mashup competition has officially started.
Cash, prizes and undying glory are up for grabs, including a $10,000 cash prize for the Supreme Mashup.
The competition has something for everyone: cartoon remixes, poetry, the poster for the great kiwi summer holiday, mobile apps, visualisation mashups, an open government data category, a newbie award and much much more.
There’s a total prize pool of $30,000 in cash and prizes. You have until 30 November 2010 to get your entries in.
Everything you need to know is right here:
So what are you waiting for? Get making!
Psssst!  SoT students & interns note that there’s an $1,000 cash prize for the Best newbie mashup (for someone who’s never made a mashup before).

Drumroll please…

Last week, we announced a competition for Girl Geeks (here)

To keep you in suspense a bit longer, the competition asked female Summer of Tech candidates to name one inspiring woman in Technology.  Here are some highlights:

Agnete Enga, who is a member of the Femme Den studio (part of Smart Design) in Norway. She also spoke at AGIdeas this year in Melbourne.

Agnete Enga is a senior industrial designer at Smart Design, a multi-disciplinary design consultancy. Originally from Norway, Agnete brings a unique set of eyes to each design problem. She has guided projects in the areas of consumer electronics, fashion, and kitchen products. Clients she has worked with in the past include OXO, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and Nike. She has won multiple design awards and her work has been published in Time Magazine and Fast Company.

(from a bio on the DMI Conference page, here)

2 separate people mentioned Jane McGonigal!

Jane is a game developer and researcher from the states especially focusing on Massively multi-player gaming.  Jane has done some amazing research and helped to build games that give an alternate reality situation to help us deal with potential real-life scenarios. If you haven’t seen her TED talk on “Gaming can create a better world” check it out here

Anita Borg -what a great legacy for Women in Technology! Here’s a bit about Anita:

Anita Borg had a unique capacity to mix technical expertise and fearless vision that inspired, motivated and moved women to embrace technology instead of fearing or ignoring it. She touched and changed the lives of countless women in the computing fields and beyond. She is responsible for including women in the technological revolution – not as bystanders, but as active participants and leaders.

Google offer an “Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship for Australian & NZ students.  This year’s entries closed in May, but if you’re studying next year, watch out for it here.

Barbara Liskov

Barbara Liskov (born Barbara Jane Huberman in 1939) is a computer scientist. She is currently the Ford Professor of Engineering in the MIT School of Engineering’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department and an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She earned her BA in mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley in 1961. In 1968 Stanford University made her the first woman in the United States to be awarded a Ph.D. from a computer science department. The topic of her Ph.D. thesis was a computer program to play chess end games.

(from wikipedia)

All right, enough suspense and anticipation…

the winner of the very cool leather laptop bag is… Amanda!

Amanda also gets a ticket to next Wednesday’s Girl Geek Dinner!  Also, runners-up Kalani & Kate win tickets to the Girl Geek Dinner too!

All 3 of you get to listen to the most excellent Rochelle talking about intellectual property as applied to technology.  Plus awesome networking, great swag and prizes, and a yummy dinner.  Thanks for entering everyone, Summer of Tech is proud to support Wellington women into technology careers!

Warning: this post contains sexual discrimination that may offend male readers.  Viewer discretion is advised…!

Announcing….The Summer of Tech 2010 Girl Geek Prize!!

Girl Geek Dinner Logo

This competition is open to all female Summer of Tech 2010 candidates, who have completed their profile on the Summer of Tech website!

On offer, we have:

1st prize:

1 x ticket to the next Wellington Girl Geek Dinner (11 August).  The speaker is Rochelle Furneaux (aka @kiwiseabreeze) who is a dispute resolver extraordinaire. She’ll talk about why intellectual property is important and how to be a technology lawyer.  Of particular interest to Design students perhaps, but the networking & dinner conversation will be of value to ALL SoT candidates.

1 x FABULOUS girl geek accessory, a Paris Special Edition leather laptop back-pack (fits up to 15.4″laptop).

Check it out!!

HUGE thanks to Lushai for sponsoring this prize!!

2nd prize:

1 x ticket to the next Wellington Girl Geek Dinner (11 August)

Conditions of entry:

  1. you must be registered as a candidate in Summer of Tech 2010
  2. you must complete your Summer of Tech profile
  3. you must tell us the answer to one simple question:

Name one woman in technology who inspires you

(you can do this as a comment on this blog post, or by emailing info (@) if you’re shy ;-) )

…NOTE: if you have already purchased a ticket to the Girl Geek Dinner, you can still enter, your prize might be exchanged for a ticket to the next GGD, or an equivalent groovy girl geek incentive…

We make no apology for excluding the majority of students from this prize, boy geeks, we still value & support you, and are open to suggestions for prizes & incentives that will get you engaged in a technology career… but, in the meantime, Summer of Tech is keen to encourage women into technology internships, and keen to know who inspires YOU in your career goals.

Girl geeks… good luck!