Summer of Tech was proud to be part of the first ever “PIXELJAM” event in Wellington.  Over the weekend of 1-3 July, 15 aspiring game developers got together to design, build and be ready to demo a game.

Pixel Jam was a small collaborative competition for solo developers or small teams, including Designers, Artists, Coders.
48 hours is very little time to make a game.  The 9 teams did an awesome job!

The gathering was not for the faint of heart, or extreme novices.  We were stoked to see students, graduates and indie game devs taking part, AND great support from experienced developers who popped in to mentor & offer moral support over the weekend.

Here’s a choice quote from one of the students:

“I learned more in the last 48 hours than I have in the last 3 months of uni!!”

The grand finale involved pizza and beer, and participants demo-ed their creations in front of a panel of industry judges (Stu and Chris from Sidhe, and David from MajicJungle).

PixelJam was modelled on Game Jams that have been held around the world.  The mover & shaker and make-it-happen-guy behind the event was Keaton (SoC09 alumni), and support and sponsorship from Sidhe, Toi Poneke HUB and Studio was fantastic.

We’d love to see PixelJam become a regular feature in the buid-up to Summer of Tech.

Check out the photos here

Yes, the real work has begun for about half our SoT2010 interns, who have been trying to ignore the sunny weather outside and enjoying the great opportunity to learn and earn money this summer…!

For all of us, Thursday 18th is the launch party, and if you haven’t already done so, check it out here, and RSVP here!!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to mention a 3 really important organisations:

1.Unlimited Potential

We’re teaming up with UP’s “Wellington to the World Event” to launch Summer of Tech 2010 “to the world”.  This means we get to hang out with the wider Wellington IT community, and share the joy of a big venue and awesome networking opportunities.  Thanks UP!

2. Global Entrepreneurship Week

Yup, the SoT launch party is part of a global celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity.  Check out some of the other events happening around the place between 15-21 November!

3. Citylink

What’s the secret ingredient to a happy tech event in Wellington?  Free wifi.  Yes, the nice people at Citylink have come to the party to connect Wellington (and SoT) to the world via fabulous free wifi tokens for use on the 18th of November. Thanks Citylink!

(if you want to take advantage of free wifi at the Summer of Tech launch event, make sure you sign up for a CafeNET account, here)

It’s the Official Launch of Summer of Tech 2010!

YOU are invited to celebrate the kick-off of Summer of Tech internships!

Thursday 18 November, 5pm (for a 5.30pm start)… at Victoria University’s Rutherford House (here’s a map)
It’s FREE!  But registration is essential: make sure you RSVP here

Join us, and you’ll get:

  • to celebrate the launch of Summer of Tech 2010
  • to listen to our inspirational speaker: Craig Walker, CTO of Xero

Craig leads Xero’s software development strategy, and has spent his career building mission critical Internet applications.  Craig’s keynote will be the official “commencement speech” for Summer of Tech AND inspire us all to launch Wellington to the World.

  • some top quality networking with the SoT community AND the wider Wellington Unlimited Potential Tech Community
  • interns and mentors – we have some very special stuff for you to collect
  • AND there will be announcements about the cool events and opportunities that are coming up as part of SoT2010

Summer of Tech interns and mentors and colleagues from your host companies YOU are the main event!  You are invited to help us celebrate the success of being matched for an internship, and kick-start the great summer you have ahead of you for learning, working, and career development.

Summer of Tech community – you’re invited too!  This event is open to Members of our Incorporated Society, to Sponsors, Stakeholders, Supporters, Wellington tech professionals keen to hear about what’s coming up with SoT2010.  If you’re keen to connect with the hot local talent starting out on SoT internships, AND their super-awesome host companies… please rsvp to help us celebrate our latest bunch of Wellington tech talent. 

The SoT2010 launch party is part of Unlimited Potential’s “Wellington to the World” event!  We’re launching Wellington tech interns into the job market, and this is a great fit with the launch of Wellington “to the world”!  This means you’ll get to connect with EVEN MORE local technology gurus and members of the wider tech community.  If you’re part of the Summer of Tech party, please register via this page so we can keep track of you!

See you there!

Twitter hashtags: #SoT2010 & #w2w2010

Feels like 2010 has already been a busy year for Summer of Tech, but the REAL work hasn’t even started yet!

We’re getting ready to celebrate the launch of SoT2010 in the traditional fashion… with a Party!!  Hold the date, here it is, are you ready….

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Yup, it’ll be the first week of work for most SoT interns, and what better way to induct them into the wilds of the workplace than hosting an after-work networking event.

Stay tuned for more information….

As the sun sets over SoC 09, we thought we’d better squeeze in just 1 more party.  40 interns, 30 companies, you guys have been great… there’s been challenges & successes, lots of learning and a whole pile of coding!  Although some internships are running through till the end of Feb, most are finishing in the next week or so.   

We’re going to wrap it all up with a BBQ, hear about some amazing IT careers happening in Wellington (Alan from Trademe, plus some high-flying SoC alumni), and generally catch up with interns, companies, bootcamp & seminar presenters, sponsors & supporters.

Let us thank you for being part of an awesome Summer of Code programme, share stories & celebrate the GREAT work you’ve done. 

Invites are in your inbox now!

The festive season is fast approaching, and SoC 09 would like to invite YOU to be part of the 2nd annual “Xmas Party on a Boat”!  We’re organising the xmas party of the year this year, so you don’t have to!

… join us for fun times with other cool Wellington companies.  Limited to 100 people, don’t miss out!

When: 17 December, 2009, from 6.30pm
Where: Tugboat on the Bay (no lifejackets required)
How much: $50 per person for a buffet xmas dinner, cash bar will be available.

RSVP here

(optional dancefloor action in the Tug Boat’s “Engine Room” afterwards, or progression to Courtenay Place, depending on the mood)

Ok folks, get your social calendars out, we’re launching Summer of Code 09 “to the World” on 17 November

when? Tuesday 17 November, from 5.15pm
where? Wellington Convention Centre (Civic Suite, Level 2) here
rsvp? via the UP website (when registering as an official Summer of Code participant, please put the letters “SoC” at the beginning of your company name)
how much? $0

You are welcome to attend the whole of the W2W09 event, but we know its a workday…so the SoC 09 official launch will take place from 5.15pm.  Pizza arrives at 7pm, and there will be plenty of opportunities to network with SoC 09 companies & interns, plus the wider Wellington ICT community.

See you there!