Another full-house at a SoT2011 bootcamp on Thursday, where Design students from all over Wellington packed out a lab at the Victoria School of Design to hear Emily Loughnan from Clicksuite share tips on what makes an applicant’ portfolio stand out from the rest.

We’ve had a few requests for notes from the presentation, but Emily says her slides are probably hopeless without explanation and the stories, sorry.

But she CAN share some links, here goes:

The Google job ad experiment – how a bit of clever thinking can get you a job:


Marc McHardy presenting his final year major project on “The Ad Show”

(which got him his job at Click Suite)
AND, here are some links to good on-line portfolios.

You can use a free website like

(Here’s one made using a bought template on cargo ) or Behance.

Others are:


Again, HUGE thanks to Emily Loughnan from Clicksuite for taking the time out of her busy life to share tips, tricks and experience with aspiring design students.

Summer of Tech was proud to be part of the first ever “PIXELJAM” event in Wellington.  Over the weekend of 1-3 July, 15 aspiring game developers got together to design, build and be ready to demo a game.

Pixel Jam was a small collaborative competition for solo developers or small teams, including Designers, Artists, Coders.
48 hours is very little time to make a game.  The 9 teams did an awesome job!

The gathering was not for the faint of heart, or extreme novices.  We were stoked to see students, graduates and indie game devs taking part, AND great support from experienced developers who popped in to mentor & offer moral support over the weekend.

Here’s a choice quote from one of the students:

“I learned more in the last 48 hours than I have in the last 3 months of uni!!”

The grand finale involved pizza and beer, and participants demo-ed their creations in front of a panel of industry judges (Stu and Chris from Sidhe, and David from MajicJungle).

PixelJam was modelled on Game Jams that have been held around the world.  The mover & shaker and make-it-happen-guy behind the event was Keaton (SoC09 alumni), and support and sponsorship from Sidhe, Toi Poneke HUB and Studio was fantastic.

We’d love to see PixelJam become a regular feature in the buid-up to Summer of Tech.

Check out the photos here


Stu Sharpe, Technical Director at Sidhe Interactive wow-ed us with some demos, gave an update on the games industry in 2010 and set out a step-by-step pathway to becoming a great game developer.  He’s kindly shared his slides, which speak for themselves, really!

Here’s the highlights:

Hope to see you at our Xero Summer Seminar on 14 January! Please RSVP over here!

YOU are invited, yes, that means YOU! SoT2010 Interns, Mentors, Colleagues, members of the UP and wider Wellington Tech community!

We’d love to see you at our summer seminars, supporting & developing & connecting the top talent of Wellington and the top employers of Wellington. Here’s the details for our 14 January #xsss: 


Paul Soong will share his thoughts, sprinkle some fairy dust and ask some hard questions about who you are, what you stand for and why you should care.  Authenticity in a socially networked, transformational world can come to define who you work for, how far you can go and if you actually enjoy the journey.

Paul is a thinker, dreamer and doer. After starting his career in advertising with Saatchi & Saatchi, Paul founded The Church, a socially responsible design agency which mentored design graduates into employment. He is also responsible for bringing to New Zealand, what is now our largest design and creative conference, Semi-Permanent.

When … 12.15-1.30pm, Friday 14 January 2011

Where …NZ Post House, 7 Waterloo Quay, Pipitea, Wellington (here’s a map)
Rsvp …is essential!! please do this over here on the groovy lil’ regie platform.
What …are you waiting for? free lunch! networking! inspiring & informative speaker!

HUGE thank-yous to Xero for being our fantastic sponsor of the seminar series. And to Kiwibank for being our venue partner.

Thanks for making these events possible.

It’s a great time of year to check out creative talent that’s emerging from our local design schools.  Victoria and Massey are currently running their end of year exhibitions.  Check them out!

“The End” – Graduate Exhibition 2010.

School of Design, Victoria University

Wigan Building, 139 Vivian St, Wellington

9-21 November 2010

more info here

“Blow Creative Arts Festival” – some highlights: check out Graduating student works in “Exposure”, & the “Eco-Innovation Design Competition Exhibition”

Massey University, Museum Building

Buckle Street, Wellington

6-20 November 2010

more info here

Andrew Mayfield from Optimal Workshop spoke at Friday’s Design Bootcamp, on the topic of User Experience.

He emphasised the need for “iterations” in design, and shared this interesting paradox:

Andrew shared a reading list (some of these titles are now “classics” in this field):

Some more reading on iterations and design (for startup companies, but relevant, I think to Design students), can be found in this recent article on ReadWriteWeb.

Here are some notes from Tahnia’s presentation, including GREAT pearls of wisdom about how to construct your digital design porfolio:

A good portfolio is…
Essential to showcase your work, your skills, and your POTENTIAL
Targeted & Focused – on the client (if you’re a freelancer), or on the employer if you’re looking for a job
Different from your CV

Content might include…
Self-initiated art and design projects
Collaborated media (make sure you credit the work – state what your involvement was)

Showcase your personal & unique style…
Include your contact information (include your social media id’s)
Include your software skills (if applicable)
If you’re a freelancer, what’s your availability?
Get your portfolio peer reviewed – involve others (not mum/dad/best friend)
Ideally, include six projects (if possible) – four great ones okay too

Make sure your best stuff is up-front…
QUALITY vs quantity
(only include your best work)

Here’s some links to Portfolio websites:

Tahnia Roberts is a Director at Momentum Studios, a photographer, and a great friend to Summer of Tech!

Thanks for being part of our first ever Summer of Tech – Design Bootcamp!