Another full-house at a SoT2011 bootcamp on Thursday, where Design students from all over Wellington packed out a lab at the Victoria School of Design to hear Emily Loughnan from Clicksuite share tips on what makes an applicant’ portfolio stand out from the rest.

We’ve had a few requests for notes from the presentation, but Emily says her slides are probably hopeless without explanation and the stories, sorry.

But she CAN share some links, here goes:

The Google job ad experiment – how a bit of clever thinking can get you a job:


Marc McHardy presenting his final year major project on “The Ad Show”

(which got him his job at Click Suite)
AND, here are some links to good on-line portfolios.

You can use a free website like

(Here’s one made using a bought template on cargo ) or Behance.

Others are:


Again, HUGE thanks to Emily Loughnan from Clicksuite for taking the time out of her busy life to share tips, tricks and experience with aspiring design students.

Later on this morning, Summer of Tech candidates will find out if they’ve been chosen for a “speed interview”.

Our “matching” process works a lot like dating.

Bear with me as I elaborate on that highly unusual statement from such a professional, career-focused internship programme.

We have a “talent pool” of top technology students, seeking their “perfect match” for summer internship.  They’re looking for a company, with a project, in a field that meets their ideals in terms of their future career goals.

On the other side of the equation, we have “innovative companies” seeking their “perfect match” for summer internship.  They’re looking for a student with skills, energy, attitude and aptitude that meets their ideals in terms of their business needs this summer.  Oh, and they’re keen to invest in the future talent pool by accelerating learning and work experience in the talent pipeline too!

We’ve done our “online dating”, which involved checking each others’ profiles online…

We’ve done our “meet & greet”, which involved meeting in person…

Next week, it’s “speed dating”!

While all you candidates are waiting eagerly for news as to whether you’ve been chosed for a “Speed Date”, here’s some hot tips to help you get ready.  These are the key learnings from our Speed Interview Bootcamp:

Andrew Mayfield from Optimal Workshop spoke at Friday’s Design Bootcamp, on the topic of User Experience.

He emphasised the need for “iterations” in design, and shared this interesting paradox:

Andrew shared a reading list (some of these titles are now “classics” in this field):

Some more reading on iterations and design (for startup companies, but relevant, I think to Design students), can be found in this recent article on ReadWriteWeb.

Thanks WelTec for hosting our first “Engineering” bootcamp this week! Oh, and great to learn about the Technology Expo that’s happening on 20 August, that looks like a cool opportunity for Tech students to connect with potential employers!!

We heard from Kristian Jensen, General Manager of Reyrolle Pacific Switchgear, about what makes a good Engineering CV.

The message was loud and clear… it’s your ATTITUDE and your APTITUDE that are going to get you a job!  When you’re on the market for an engineering role, your CV is your first sales tool.  The purpose of your CV?

…to get you a job interview.

Use your CV as a tool to show your professionalism, your passion, and your potential.

Engineering employers want to know that you can work on a team, that you’ll be a good “fit”, that you bring the skills & energy that will move the business forward.

Do your homework (and know that employers are doing their homework on you, too!)

Ask questions.  Find out what you can bring to the organisation.  There ARE some great engineering & manufacturing roles in Wellington, but as students, you’ll need to build your connections to industry (here’s some tips from a previous post) in order to take advantage of the hidden “word of mouth” job market.

Thanks to Kristian for sharing some inside tips on what employers are looking for, and how engineering students and grads might approach the challenge of getting their CV noticed!

Thong’s slides from the Code Management bootcamp are here   (Warning: you kinda had to be there for those slides to make sense…)

But do try the workshop exercise, here!

Big thanks to Thong for sharing your knowledge & providing another hands-on & practical bootcamp!

Thanks heaps to Owen, Simon and Rowena from Xero for enlightening Summer of Tech 2010 Code students at last week’s .NET bootcamp!

Owen has posted his slides for the enlightenment of all… here

And a HUGE thank you to Allfields for having us in your fabulous venue again!

Here are some notes from Tahnia’s presentation, including GREAT pearls of wisdom about how to construct your digital design porfolio:

A good portfolio is…
Essential to showcase your work, your skills, and your POTENTIAL
Targeted & Focused – on the client (if you’re a freelancer), or on the employer if you’re looking for a job
Different from your CV

Content might include…
Self-initiated art and design projects
Collaborated media (make sure you credit the work – state what your involvement was)

Showcase your personal & unique style…
Include your contact information (include your social media id’s)
Include your software skills (if applicable)
If you’re a freelancer, what’s your availability?
Get your portfolio peer reviewed – involve others (not mum/dad/best friend)
Ideally, include six projects (if possible) – four great ones okay too

Make sure your best stuff is up-front…
QUALITY vs quantity
(only include your best work)

Here’s some links to Portfolio websites:

Tahnia Roberts is a Director at Momentum Studios, a photographer, and a great friend to Summer of Tech!

Thanks for being part of our first ever Summer of Tech – Design Bootcamp!

Here’s an amended map of Victoria University’s Kelburn Campus, there’s a new addition to that carpark, a shiny new building!

See you Monday for our first ever SoT BA Bootcamp!

The fabulous Cameron has just posted the video of the first SoT2010 bootcamp, John Clegg’s career talk, here.

We’re working furiously to get the CV bootcamp edited & uploaded, as I know that you’re all busy writing & reviewing your CVs (exams, what exams??).  To whet your appetite, here’s the slide presentation from the CV talk:

Video coming soon… and you definitely had to be there for the “Resume Smackdown” part of the talk… but some great tips here to help brush up your CV/Resume for SoT2010.

PSSSSSST: SoT2010 students: log in next week to book in for some 1:1 advice on your CV.

Here’s a quick wrapup of what I learned at Bernie’s Communications Bootcamp:

  • Style

Be aware of yours, and consciously reflect theirs when you are trying to impress.  Be believable & compelling.  Most employers are looking for animated & expressive candidates (even though “amiable drivers” are probably better long-term employees).

  • Ask Questions

Be interested (and interesting!) Before a networking event, prepare some open-ended questions that are conversational.  Be conscious of “line of thought” when you’re engaging with a potential employer.

  • Story

Have a few stories ready that will convey the fact that you’re a genius in a way that’s not too obvious.  Describe an incident, have a point, and make sure it’s relevant.

Bernie’s bootcamps really underlined the hidden job market, the fact that it’s “who you know” and “how you present yourself” that is going to get you noticed (and employed).  Companies assume you have the technical skills required, but that’s the same as every other candidate.  What sets you apart is going to be how you present yourself.  Bernie cited this Harvard Business Review article which talks about being able to predict winners of a business plan competition based on their presence & charisma… NOT on the contents of their business plan.  Spooky.

Great that lots of SoT2010 students made it to these 2 sessions, huge thanks to Bernie for sharing coaching tips usually reserved for high-flying CEOs!  Those of you who weren’t able to make it, I’d highly recommend checking out Bernie’s blog, and watch out for future Summer of Tech bootcamps on the subject of CVs, communication and job interview practice… trust us, this is the stuff that will get you noticed & hopefully employed!!

Here is the video of John Clegg’s talk on “Who wants a career in IT?” at Victoria University on 11th May 2010.

Phew, finally sorted a venue for next Wednesday’s Communication Skills bootcamp:

Here it is:  WHS Map

For more info about the bootcamp and to sign up, you need to log into

We haven’t been able to wangle a room at Massey or VUW Design School… but the next best thing is Wellington High School, slap bang in the middle of Massey’s campus!

See you there!

Calling all SoT 2010 students! 

If you do one thing to improve your chances of getting hired this summer, the one thing we’d highly recommend is to polish your communication skills.  Employers have told us time & again, that they’re looking at attitude first, then tech skills.  Making a good first impression is an art not a science, but there’s some stuff we can suggest, and the only way to get good is to practice!

We’re running a communications “bootcamp” on Thursday this week, facilitated by Bernie White from The Moment.

Bernie will take you through some drills designed to help you network and communicate with others.  Log in to the SoT site for more info and to rsvp.

Hot on the heels of SoT2010′s launch last week, we’re heading into bootcamp season… tomorrow!

SoT Bootcamps are designed to get students ready for work.  Between now and the end of the semester, we’re focusing on the fluffy stuff, CVs, communication skills, and how to launch your Tech career in Wellington.  In July, we’ll get into the technical topics.

First up, lunchtime Tuesday is John Clegg’s career talk:

The Job market is tough, getting a job and building a career is a lot harder than ever before. John will tell you want employers are now looking for and what you need to do to get ahead.

He’ll also be talking about the new Summer of Tech and what we’re doing to help you have a job and start your career.

Thursday evening is the world famous “resume smackdown” session.  So you think you know how to write a CV that gets noticed?  Hear it from a real live employer, you may be surprised, offended, but ultimately attending this workshop will help get you one step closer to a job interview.  Trust us, we’ve seen a lot of resumes that go straight into the trash, so make sure its not yours.

FYI these sessions are open to ALL SoT students – yes, these first couple are being held at VUW but students from elsewhere are very welcome!

Space is limited, sign up, log in and rsvp now.