Yes, the real work has begun for about half our SoT2010 interns, who have been trying to ignore the sunny weather outside and enjoying the great opportunity to learn and earn money this summer…!

For all of us, Thursday 18th is the launch party, and if you haven’t already done so, check it out here, and RSVP here!!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to mention a 3 really important organisations:

1.Unlimited Potential

We’re teaming up with UP’s “Wellington to the World Event” to launch Summer of Tech 2010 “to the world”.  This means we get to hang out with the wider Wellington IT community, and share the joy of a big venue and awesome networking opportunities.  Thanks UP!

2. Global Entrepreneurship Week

Yup, the SoT launch party is part of a global celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity.  Check out some of the other events happening around the place between 15-21 November!

3. Citylink

What’s the secret ingredient to a happy tech event in Wellington?  Free wifi.  Yes, the nice people at Citylink have come to the party to connect Wellington (and SoT) to the world via fabulous free wifi tokens for use on the 18th of November. Thanks Citylink!

(if you want to take advantage of free wifi at the Summer of Tech launch event, make sure you sign up for a CafeNET account, here)

It’s a great time of year to check out creative talent that’s emerging from our local design schools.  Victoria and Massey are currently running their end of year exhibitions.  Check them out!

“The End” – Graduate Exhibition 2010.

School of Design, Victoria University

Wigan Building, 139 Vivian St, Wellington

9-21 November 2010

more info here

“Blow Creative Arts Festival” – some highlights: check out Graduating student works in “Exposure”, & the “Eco-Innovation Design Competition Exhibition”

Massey University, Museum Building

Buckle Street, Wellington

6-20 November 2010

more info here

The Mix and Mash competition is open!
Summer of Tech is super excited that the Great NZ Remix & Mashup competition has officially started.
Cash, prizes and undying glory are up for grabs, including a $10,000 cash prize for the Supreme Mashup.
The competition has something for everyone: cartoon remixes, poetry, the poster for the great kiwi summer holiday, mobile apps, visualisation mashups, an open government data category, a newbie award and much much more.
There’s a total prize pool of $30,000 in cash and prizes. You have until 30 November 2010 to get your entries in.
Everything you need to know is right here:
So what are you waiting for? Get making!
Psssst!  SoT students & interns note that there’s an $1,000 cash prize for the Best newbie mashup (for someone who’s never made a mashup before).

It’s the Official Launch of Summer of Tech 2010!

YOU are invited to celebrate the kick-off of Summer of Tech internships!

Thursday 18 November, 5pm (for a 5.30pm start)… at Victoria University’s Rutherford House (here’s a map)
It’s FREE!  But registration is essential: make sure you RSVP here

Join us, and you’ll get:

  • to celebrate the launch of Summer of Tech 2010
  • to listen to our inspirational speaker: Craig Walker, CTO of Xero

Craig leads Xero’s software development strategy, and has spent his career building mission critical Internet applications.  Craig’s keynote will be the official “commencement speech” for Summer of Tech AND inspire us all to launch Wellington to the World.

  • some top quality networking with the SoT community AND the wider Wellington Unlimited Potential Tech Community
  • interns and mentors – we have some very special stuff for you to collect
  • AND there will be announcements about the cool events and opportunities that are coming up as part of SoT2010

Summer of Tech interns and mentors and colleagues from your host companies YOU are the main event!  You are invited to help us celebrate the success of being matched for an internship, and kick-start the great summer you have ahead of you for learning, working, and career development.

Summer of Tech community – you’re invited too!  This event is open to Members of our Incorporated Society, to Sponsors, Stakeholders, Supporters, Wellington tech professionals keen to hear about what’s coming up with SoT2010.  If you’re keen to connect with the hot local talent starting out on SoT internships, AND their super-awesome host companies… please rsvp to help us celebrate our latest bunch of Wellington tech talent. 

The SoT2010 launch party is part of Unlimited Potential’s “Wellington to the World” event!  We’re launching Wellington tech interns into the job market, and this is a great fit with the launch of Wellington “to the world”!  This means you’ll get to connect with EVEN MORE local technology gurus and members of the wider tech community.  If you’re part of the Summer of Tech party, please register via this page so we can keep track of you!

See you there!

Twitter hashtags: #SoT2010 & #w2w2010

Feels like 2010 has already been a busy year for Summer of Tech, but the REAL work hasn’t even started yet!

We’re getting ready to celebrate the launch of SoT2010 in the traditional fashion… with a Party!!  Hold the date, here it is, are you ready….

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Yup, it’ll be the first week of work for most SoT interns, and what better way to induct them into the wilds of the workplace than hosting an after-work networking event.

Stay tuned for more information….

Wellington’s Summer of Tech is well and truly underway for 2010, with a stunning lineup of talent and technology on display at our Meet & Greet event last night.  Thanks to everyone for making this a roaring success!

Check out @anistirk‘s great photo here!

For those who were unable to attend, sorry we couldn’t connect at the Meet & Greet, but it’s not too late to be part of Summer of Tech 2010!!

Companies of Wellington… it’s not too late to sign up!

Here’s a some company deadlines to think about:

  • COMPANY REGISTRATIONS CLOSE – October-ish.  That is not a fixed deadline, we need all the host companies we can get!  However, if you want to maximise the benefits of the programme, and increase your chances of getting a top student interested in your role, we suggest you sign up before the end of August. This will give you time to take part in the Speed Interviews, and, if you’re super-onto-it, to apply for TechNZ funding (if you’re eligible & interested).
  • SPEED INTERVIEWS – 7 & 8 September (before then, you’ll need to complete your company profile, set up a project (which is like a job description) and browse & shortlist candidates on our website)
  • TechNZ APPLICATION – 10 September (if you’re interested in applying to TechNZ for funding to support your internship, you need to submit by 10 Sept.  If you want Grow Wellington to help you with this process, you’ll need to let us know by 31 August)

Students seeking a technology career… it’s nearly too late to sign up!

Here’s a couple of student deadlines to think about:

  • ONLINE PROFILE – asap like now is good what are you waiting for stop reading and finish it QUICK!  Companies are browsing and shortlisting now.  If your profile is incomplete, you are “invisible”.  Enough said.

Here’s a quick re-cap on how the evening went:

To get things rolling, we turned the standard “recruitment process” on its head, requiring employers to “pitch” themselves to potential candidates.  Presentations from 34 companies which showcased an astounding array of innovative projects and technologies. From exciting startup to high-growth creative to established corporate, there is no stopping Wellington business when it comes to developing cool tech!

Because candidates and employers can “browse” each other via the Summer of Tech website, we asked companies to focus on the “fluffy stuff” like workplace culture and business aspirations.  And boy, they did :-)   Turns out that for many companies, having @EpicBeer as our Meet & Greet beverage sponsor was a fairly good cultural fit!

Summer of Tech aspires to play a useful role as a bridge between industry and the education sector, provide a platform for employers to streamline their graduate recruitment, and source & invest in local top talent.  At the same time students are exposed to a range of opportunities they may never have known or thought of, right here on the doorstep!  Judging by the volume levels during the “greeting” part of the evening, a lot of this is being achieved.

2010 is the first year we’ve gone beyond “Code” projects.  The tech industry is becoming more competitive, more demanding and developing and releasing new products & services is harder than ever.  Summer of Tech’s wider reach now caters to companies who want a broader skill-set, “Code” is still important, and the thriving Wellington Web industry was certainly on show during the company intro’s last night! Equal emphasis is now placed on the creative thinking and approaches of “Design”, the problem solving and innovation of “Engineering” and the thinking, processing, management and execution of “Business Analysis”.

Above all, employers are still hiring on ATTITUDE and APTITUDE.  Technical skills are a given in this tight job market, you either got em already or you’ll learn em quick on the job.  Communication skills, professionalism, team fit and the “fluffy” stuff are where candidates need to excell.  If a paid summer internship is the result, perhaps those skills are not so “fluffy”, after all.

A huge thanks to all our helpers (especially Rebecca, KaiXin and Alastair, outstanding student-wranglers and SoC09 alumni… oh, and their employers Amberdms, Redvespa and CatalystIT who let us borrow them back for the evening!)

A huge thanks to all our sponsors and partners:  Massey University Events Team for the venue, Grow Wellington for helping with company-wrangling, TechNZ for your upcoming investment in summer internships, and all the fantastic individuals and organisations without whom Summer of Tech would not be possible.

Roll on Summer of 2010!!