The Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition. We invite all students to use their imagination and passion to create a technology solution that addresses the Imagine Cup 2012 theme: Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems.

In ten years, the Imagine Cup has grown to be a truly global competition focused on finding solutions to real-world problems. Since 2003, over 1.4 million students have participated in the Imagine Cup with 358,000 students representing 183 countries and regions registering for the Imagine Cup 2011 competition.

The Imagine Cup 2012 competition is your chance to:

  • Solve tough problems facing the world today, and maybe even turn your ideas into a business.
  • Learn new technological skills.
  • Test yourself against the brightest students around the world.
  • Make new friends.
  • Win cash, grants , and prizes – plus, a chance for a free trip to Sydney, Australia, next July to compete at the Imagine Cup 2012 Worldwide Finals!

The New Zealand 2012 Competition had over 400 entries, and these have now been short listed to the top 25 teams spread across New Zealand. These teams will now take on the competition, work with both an Industry and Microsoft Mentor to develop and present their idea. There is still an opportunity for you to take part. We have two finalist teams looking for team members. If you are interested in stepping up and taking on the challenge reach out to either of the two team captains, more information on their idea is posted below.

Title: Tsunami in the cloud

  • Institute:  Victoria University
  • Team Name: Team cloud solutions
  • Short Blurb explaining idea – Take the Tsunami algorithms, instead of running the algorithm locally, send it to the cloud and get it done in a fraction of the time by using the GreenButton Technology.
  • How many team members- Looking for 3 team members
  •  Type of Team members - Mostly members who will be writing code (preferably in C# & .Net), one team member with business relations & marketing experience to deliver our business strategy and also help with the presentation
  • Vision – Our final goal is to have two computers side by side demonstrating what the cloud can really do. One side you have the pc running the algorithm locally and one sent off to the cloud. This will show the real power of the cloud and what it can really do.
  • Please contact Team Captain directly


Team Name: vCOM

  • Institute: Victoria University
  • Short Blurb explaining idea – A communication between two people speaking two different languages using a mobile device to translate the spoken language and bridging the gap between people of different native languages.
  • How many team members- Looking for three members
  • Type of Team members - Help with the video presentation and marketing, business strategy.
  • Vision – Bridge the gap between the different native languages for simple communication.
  • Please contact Team Captain directly


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