Another full-house at a SoT2011 bootcamp on Thursday, where Design students from all over Wellington packed out a lab at the Victoria School of Design to hear Emily Loughnan from Clicksuite share tips on what makes an applicant’ portfolio stand out from the rest.

We’ve had a few requests for notes from the presentation, but Emily says her slides are probably hopeless without explanation and the stories, sorry.

But she CAN share some links, here goes:

The Google job ad experiment – how a bit of clever thinking can get you a job:


Marc McHardy presenting his final year major project on “The Ad Show”

(which got him his job at Click Suite)
AND, here are some links to good on-line portfolios.

You can use a free website like

(Here’s one made using a bought template on cargo ) or Behance.

Others are:


Again, HUGE thanks to Emily Loughnan from Clicksuite for taking the time out of her busy life to share tips, tricks and experience with aspiring design students.