At our Xero Summer Seminar on Friday 28 January we heard from 3 local Wellington tech gurus talking on the topic of “unleashing APIs”: Richard Rowley from Trademe, Dan Lee from YouDo, and Owen Evans from Xero.

Here’s a video of the seminar. Part 1 is Richard & Dan:

Unleashing APIs – Part 1 from SummerOfTech on Vimeo.

Part 2 is Owen plus QandAs with our live studio audience:

Unleashing APIs – Part 2 from SummerOfTech on Vimeo.

On the 4th of February 2011, we asked some of our SoT2010 interns to tell us what they’d been up to this summer.

First up: Cameron Fowler spent Summer of 2010 working as a code intern for Able Technology.  His projects included and a customisable store locator tool. 

Here’s the video of Cameron’s talk:

Intern Lightning Talk – Able Technology from SummerOfTech on Vimeo.

This is what Amber-Jean Hornsby had to say after 12 weeks working as a Design Intern at Xero:

Who would have thought accounting would be fun? The thing about Xero is somehow they actually make accounting enjoyable, addictive and visually delightful. They are an awe-inspiring hardworking team who live and breathe their product and never fail to impress, even as the company rapidly expands.

Read more about her work experience on Xero’s blog.

We’re totally committed to opening up more opportunities for design graduates to become part of the creative workforce… thanks Amber-Jean for your hard work, and great tips to help make SoT work for designers!