Great article on TechCrunch for students AND employers, here

Interns and job-seekers

Take note: smart employers will be hiring on Attitude (and Aptitude)!  If you’re seeking a role in a startup or innovative company, know that punching above your weight, constantly seeking to learn & develop, and being a good fit with company culture are all EXTREMELY important!

“Eff experience. I want to know whether you can deliver. If you can, you’re golden. You’ll go a long way. If you can’t – you’re toast. Are you up for it?”

Startups (and other smart employers)

Are you constantly investing in your talent pipeline?

“Get out there and find them. Ask others for intros to their talented friends. Meet talented people and sell them the vision. Get them exited about what you’re doing. Be relentless.”

We meet a lot of smart employers who know that attitude, aptitude and potential are essential for growing an awesome team. 

Highly recommend the whole article, here.  May not be completely tranlsatable to the NZ market, but some excellent themes in there for the Summer of Tech community.


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