Do YOU know the person who can take Summer of Tech into the future?  Following on from our announcement of a partnership with NZCS, we’re looking for a super-awesome individual to come on board and drive NZ’s premier ICT internship programme!

Are you (or is someone you know…)  looking for a role utilising your existing mix of skills: a super-organised and motivated person with solid knowledge of the ICT sector and a background or interest in engaging with emerging and other professionals, young and not-so-young?

The role includes running Summer of Tech in Wellington, scoping the national roll-out, and incorporating NZCS’s wider engagement platform with students/tertiaries/internships/mentors… all good stuff!

More details on NZCS’s website, here
Full job description is available here

PRESS RELEASE – NZ Computer Society Inc. (NZCS) and Summer of Tech
29 March 2011
For Immediate Release

The New Zealand Computer Society Inc (NZCS), the professional body of the ICT sector, today announced an adoption of the highly successful Wellington Summer of Tech internship programme and a significant expansion and nationwide rollout of the initiative.

“This move will help redefine the future of student-industry engagement for those studying towards a career in the tech sector across New Zealand” NZCS CEO Paul Matthews said today.

Summer of Tech, formerly known as Summer of Code, is a very successful student internship programme for those studying for a technology-related career. Launched in 2006 and now in its sixth year of operation the award-winning programme helps businesses source top talent from local tertiary institutions while giving students valuable real-world industry experience. The programme includes a series of bootcamps and industry-led skills development workshops to help bridge the gap between industry needs and educational development.

NZCS Chief Executive Paul Matthews and Summer of Tech Executive Committee Chair John Clegg today jointly announced that the Wellington Summer of Tech programme would now operate under the NZCS umbrella and be rolled out across New Zealand.

In announcing the revamped project Matthews said “NZCS has been a strong supporter of the Summer of Tech programme which grew from a real need experienced by startup businesses in Creative HQ, Wellington’s business incubator. The programme has helped Wellington employers source top local talent while easing the move from study to industry for hundreds of tech students. We’re very excited to be playing such a big part in the next chapter of this excellent programme”.

SoT Executive Committee Chair John Clegg today said “The Summer of Tech programme has been hugely successful, however it’s now time to scale and grow the programme and progressively roll it out across New Zealand. The scale, breadth, ICT community engagement, non-profit nature and strong reputation of NZCS makes it the ideal organisation to work with to achieve this”.

“Student internships in the ICT and related sectors are absolutely essential for New Zealand’s innovation and technology future”, Matthews said. “This programme has continued to enjoy significant success because it’s focused at the right place – an industry-led initiative supporting tech students in partnership with academic institutions”.

“NZCS and Summer of Tech will roll the initiative out throughout New Zealand over the next 12-24 months and we’ll be looking to the technology sector and the Government to turn words into actions and continue to support the growth of this hugely important project”, Matthews said.

“This project will continue to be a grass-roots industry-led initiative aimed at solving a very real and existing problem”, Clegg said. “Those that have been a part of this programme over the last six years in Wellington can rest assured that this move will secure the future of Summer of Tech while ensuring business as usual in the Capital”.

Current Summer of Tech Coordinator Ruth McDavitt will remain involved and the Society today began advertising a new role including coordinating the national rollout of the project.



About the NZ Computer Society

NZCS is the professional body of ICT Professionals and as a non-profit incorporated society works with industry, academia, Government and the wider community to achieve its mission of increasing the education, standards and professionalism of the New Zealand ICT profession and the base-level computing skills and confidence of New Zealanders.

Founded in 1960 and with thousands of members nationwide NZCS is the largest and oldest ICT body in New Zealand.

About Summer of Tech

Summer of Tech is a successful student internship programme beginning life in Wellington as Summer of Code in 2006. SoT uses a sophisticated algorithm to match students and companies and provides a series of industry-led workshops and bootcamps for those studying to work in the technology-related sector.

For more info please contact:

Great article on TechCrunch for students AND employers, here

Interns and job-seekers

Take note: smart employers will be hiring on Attitude (and Aptitude)!  If you’re seeking a role in a startup or innovative company, know that punching above your weight, constantly seeking to learn & develop, and being a good fit with company culture are all EXTREMELY important!

“Eff experience. I want to know whether you can deliver. If you can, you’re golden. You’ll go a long way. If you can’t – you’re toast. Are you up for it?”

Startups (and other smart employers)

Are you constantly investing in your talent pipeline?

“Get out there and find them. Ask others for intros to their talented friends. Meet talented people and sell them the vision. Get them exited about what you’re doing. Be relentless.”

We meet a lot of smart employers who know that attitude, aptitude and potential are essential for growing an awesome team. 

Highly recommend the whole article, here.  May not be completely tranlsatable to the NZ market, but some excellent themes in there for the Summer of Tech community.

On 14 January 2011, Paul Soong (founder of socially responsible design agency The Church, and mover & shaker behind Semi-Permanent) talked about authenticity in a socially networked, transformational world can come to define who you work for, how far you can go and if you actually enjoy the journey.

Here’s the video of his talk:

Your Authentic Brand with Paul Soong from SummerOfTech on Vimeo.

On 11 January 2011, successful Wellington tech entrepreneurs Melissa Clark-Reynolds and Dave Moskovitz shared wisdom and learning about how to execute a great idea, how to get it from the garage to the market, and what the key ingredients are to building a successful enterprise in Wellington, NZ.

(our notes from the talk are available here)

Here’s Part 2 of the session for your viewing pleasure:

Tech Entrepreneurship with Melissa Clark-Reynolds from SummerOfTech on Vimeo.

On 11 January 2011, successful Wellington tech entrepreneurs Melissa Clark-Reynolds and Dave Moskovitz shared wisdom and learning about how to execute a great idea, how to get it from the garage to the market, and what the key ingredients are to building a successful enterprise in Wellington, NZ.

(our notes from the talk are available here)

Here’s Part 1 of the session for your viewing pleasure:

Tech Entrepreneurship with Dave Moskovitz from SummerOfTech on Vimeo.

Many of us have been feeling helpless sitting here in the North Island reeling from the terrible havoc in Christchurch. The wider NZ and global community is stepping up to help, so here are some ways that the Summer of Tech community can be a small part of restoring normality to people:
One of SoT2010′s interns, Tim McNamara, is leading the charge to bring information to the people of Canterbury. The Christchurch Recovery Map, at, allows people to send in status reports via txt, email and SMS. With the help of many others, the site has reached 100,000 page views in a week and provided up-to-date information to tens of thousands directly, and many more indirectly.

The website is run by volunteer helpers. One of those helpers could be you!

Optimal Usability is hosting an information and training session this evening to introduce people to the site’s back end. Volunteers have processed roughly 180,000 messages so far. This has been a fabulous effort. The project now needs a group of dedicated people that can dedicate 2h per week for 4 weeks to help take the burden off of the volunteers that have contributed thus far.

Location: Optimal Usability, 1 March 2011, from 5pm (for a 5:30pm start)
Skills required: Maturity (many messages we receive are distressing), the ability to find the address

What’s in if for you?
This is a great opportunity to network with some of New Zealand’s best tech talent. Nat Torkington, a speaker at one of our popular summer seminars, is the project’s media spokesperson, and is part of the site’s nuts and bolts. Sam Minee from SilverStripe has donated his own time to fix bugs, along with other fantastic, dedicated and talented members of the Wellington IT community.

On a more personal note, volunteers have found that contributing to the site provides a great sense of relief. Many people are experiencing a sense of helplessness. By contributing something as tangible as getting people to water and food to survive, we can ease that discomfort.

How to sign up for